About Company

Aaric Realty is an alternative real estate investment platform, where you can buy & sell shares in real estate that generate passive income on a monthly basis.

Our Mission Aaric Realty is on a mission to bring real estate investing closer to people. Due to typically high cost of investment in the sector, many people are unable to personally invest in real estate as an asset class. Additionally,real-estate can often take more personal involvement through the cycle of renting out a property. Aaric Realty's goal is to provide everyone the ability to invest in real estate. We want to remove the limitations and the challenges by creating a platform where each of us can benefit from real estate ownership.

Our Vision

A highly liquid real estate market that is easily accessible to all investors. This is how we, at Aaric Realty, see the market evolving. In order to strive towards the vision, we are taking advantage of a novel blockchain technology, which is set to transform the real estate industry. Decentralizing real estate transactions creates an opportunity to make a change in one of the largest industries in the world. Real estate investments should be available for a larger group of people. Advancing technology will positively impact the real estate creating a better and simpler way for people to invest.

Our Values

Aaric Realty is built on the following values, which create a strong foundation for the company: Transparency – full disclosure of all costs and fees as well as visibility of the real estate investments itself. Simplicity – striving for ease of use and pleasurable user experience, both online and offline. Security - nothing matters more than knowing your investment is in safe hands. We follow industry practices together with advanced security measures on the platform to ensure investors’ money is protected.

Growth - As a community we always seek for the steady growth of all members within our community to make sure we keep thriving

Our Team

Eirik Olsen
As the owner of Aaric Realty , Eirik Olsen has a proven track record for running a safe and efficient real estate / construction company. Aaric Realty has unparalleled levels of performance in this industry for top-notch structures and affordable rates and has an overall unprecedented level of customer service. Eirik takes great pride in the performance levels of all of Aaric's divisions and departments. Eirik's overall passion and involvement with this industry allows for Aaric's successes, continued growth and financial stability.
Fredrik Hagen
Fredrik Hagen is the Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for the overall performance of the company. Fredrik is an experienced and proven leader with extensive sales, management and operations experience. His time is divided between running the business, liaising and meeting with customers, marketing, and business development. Having worked in Construction and as a Realtor as soon as he left school and working his way up from Office Junior to COO, Fredrik boasts decades of knowledge in the know-how's of the industry.
Egil Dahl
Prior to joining Aaric Realty , Egil Dahl spent 20 years in the banking industry holding executive level positions with regional and super regional institutions. Egil is built with the energy and focus to lead others and is able to fuel this innate passion and drive from seeing others around him succeed. This relentless desire and vision has been a platform for success throughout his career. He likes to lead by example and sees every day as an opportunity to thrive and enjoy life!
Simen Berg
IT & Services
Simen Berg has 20 years of experience developing software solutions for the Real Estate Industry. Starting out as a developer of back office and mobile solution using various technologies, over the years he progressed to running teams of developers delivering mission critical solutions for some of the largest companies. As well as being very technical minded Simen also understands business processes and how to apply them to real world problems.
Anne Larsen
Anne Larsen is a business leader and Information Technology Executive with more than 15 years in real estate companies, management consulting, and business ownership. She gained exposure to various business areas including contract management, operations, and system development and IT before being appointed CIO. Anne advises Aaric Realty leadership on creating value from technology, and oversees the selection, execution, and adoption of those capabilities.
Camilla Gundersen
Prior to joining Aaric Realty, Camilla Gundersen held various HR and Operations leadership roles. A firm believer in continuous improvement and collaborative teamwork, she is focused on ensuring Aaric Realty delivers the best possible customer experience at every point of the customer journey. And through implementation of new growth strategies, she intends to maintain Aaric Realty's leading presence in the market.

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Open your investor account : STEP 1

Complete your account profile and submit proof of identity. We’ll review your application and if everything is correct, you will receive a notification that your account has been verified and you are good to go!.


Choose your desired investment plan on Aaric (Residential, Commercial or Luxurious) after creating your investment profile. Deposit into your Account using any of the payment options available. Key investment details are presented under each property plan so you can make an investment that best aligns with your strategy and goals.

Earn passive income : STEP 3

Each week you will receive rental income directly to your platform account, which you could either reinvest or withdraw to your personal bank account at any time.

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